By: Rena Mallillin

The sun’s reflection
Through the sea
There’s a silhouette
Of you and me

Give each other a hug
Under the clouds up above
The sunset is so romantic
Just like our love

I’ll be here for you
From land to heaven
Coz’ you’re always there for me
And make me feel I’m in a haven

Before darkness conquor all
Sunsets are always there
To give us love, light and life
And clear all our despair



The Swing

The Swing
By: Rena Mallillin 

In the park
Hanging unconsciously
The swing were there
Since the beginning of you and me 

When we were kids,
We used to play in this special swing
I get to sit
And you push me with that metal string 

We were teens
Our friendship turned into love
We’re still in that swing
Still giving me a shove 

This day is show special
It’s our first kiss
Same place where we first met
There’s nothing the swing can’t missThe Swing

Love Lies Under The Moon

Love Lies under the Moon
By: Kristoff 

Under the clear, night sky
You are saying goodbye
But I know you have a reason
It’s not my fault to love the person 

Under the tree,
You stood by me
Leaves flew away
I wish you stay 

Under the bright stars
I wish they were ours
You unleashed all the fears
After all the laughter and tears


By: Rena Mallillin 

Yesterday I’m in heaven
Today, I’m in hell
You’re avoiding me it’s obvious
It even ring the smallest bell 

A day of happiness is enough
Thanks for the special gift you gave
Yesterday I reached the sky above
Now, I’m falling my heart is the only thing you need to save 

I can’t believe you’ll just forget
The things we’ve been through,
All the promises and the laughter
Now my life is nonsense without you

I felt sorry for being late
If I’m early I’ll be there for you from the start
I know I’ll have a chance
And have a space in your heart 

I’ve got to stop myself from loving you
I guess all of these is just a joke
Yesterday, you were there
Now you’re gone in a cloud of smoke 

I’ll try my best to forget you
Love is really easy to get
Forgetting is hard for you
But for me it’s impossible to forget

Lost Love

Lost Love
By: Rena Mallillin 

I will always love you
I don’t care how much it hurts
I know you don’t feel the same way as I do
It’s not my fault you fell in love with a flirt 

I told myself and the others that I’m not in love with you
I guess I really don’t know what love means
I thought this is just a simple crush
Because we’re just simple teens 

You walk past me with your girl,
It’s a horrible thing to see
An it’s the worst thing to know that
I made a mistake in setting you free 

Time passes us by
Our lives goes on
And all I can do is
Accept that you’re already gone

Is It Goodbye Love?

Is It Goodbye Love?
By: Rena Mallillin 

I don’t know why everytime you get closer to me
I’m starting to love you less
But everytime you hurt me deep inside
More love I can express 

This morning, we were like teasing each other
We didn’t care about any one around
We stick our tongues out like little kids
Still not caring about the annoying sounds 

It was afternoon, I was hoping we will still be teasing each other
Saw you, sweet to her told myself won’t care
I tried to get your attention but you shunned me,
Maybe she told you stay away from me, I thought to myself “That’s unfair”

Our friendship is all about promises,
Sometimes nonsense arguments
At least we are comfortable with each other
Still, I’m waiting for your requirement


By: Rena Mallillin 

Tomorrow is my birthday
The only thing I ask for
Is you to remember it
And I won’t wish for more 

As I blew the 2 candles,
All I can think of
Is you as my best friend
This way I can express my love 

The best gift you can give me
Is your trust
I would accept and wait for it
I wish you won’t disgust 

I would like to thank you
For all the things you’ve done
Even if it’s a good or a bad thing
I don’t care if I get shun